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Our After School activities are designed to provide the children with a balanced and harmonious day. Immediately after the end of the school day the children will be encouraged to rest and relax, and if they wish, take an afternoon nap. Once they are refreshed there will be time to enjoy a structured yet entertaining activities




  • Children can be looked after in the comfort of their own home by our qualified Staff.

  • Allowing parents to take a well deserved break with peace of mind knowing their child is in safe hands. 

  • We cater to children of ageing above 4 years

  • You can choose any of our one hour music or dance program 

  • We will receive  the participants at Kalabhavan right after their regular school hours

  • Refresh, lunch and a power nap

  • Complete school assignments and home work independently 

  • Attend any one of our music or dance programs (one hour daily)

  • Parents can take them home on their way back from work

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