Music & Art

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Our goal is to provide the highest standard of quality and excellence in music and art education

Guitar (Acoustic - Classical - Electric)

Whether you are an adult planning to start lessons or a parent of a child interested in taking up the guitar, you may be wondering what to expect from your first lesson. Guitar is a fun and rewarding instrument to play, but can also be challenging. During your first lesson at Kalabhavan we will first determine what level you are. At Kalabhavan we share our love for music by teaching students how to play a guitar using an organized, friendly and motivating approach that allow them to enjoy this instrument for a life time.

AED 200 | Per Month | 8 Hours

Violin (Acoustic - Classical - Electric)

As a beginner taking violin lessons, students will learn beginner note reading, beginner violin rhythm and technique. Once a solid technical foundation has been built, we then explore the different violin genres available to a violin player like contemporary, classical, musical theatre, jazz, etc.Students will be able to learn more notes, rhythms and songs in few violin lessons and will learn how to vary the sounds on the violin. Students will find the beginner stage of the violin fun, just like learning a new language and full of stories on how their improvement is related to lots of practice and structured homework.

AED 250 | Per Month | 8 Hours


Electronic Keyboard

The course aims at providing a strong foundation where learning is a process of constant discovery. The course will lay the foundation for acquiring clarity of concepts of Steady Beat, Rhythm, Tempo, Pitch, Volume and Note Values building the foundation of any music student, who wants to learn any instrument. The student develops listening, reading & playing skills with an exploratory outlook in addition to acquiring knowledge. This course is designed for absolute beginner in music, who can definitely become a good listener and nurture the joy of music.

AED 200 | Per Month | 8 Hours

Drums (Acoustic & Electric)

Do you want to learn how to play the drums with step-by-step training? Are you looking for starter drum lessons that will show you the basic essentials of how to play the drum set? Whatever your aims with the instrument, we can help you achieve them. You may be a complete beginner learning to play drums from scratch, an established player looking to improve technique or music reading skills, or you may be looking for a way to reduce stress or simply start a new hobby. Whatever your aims or aspirations, we can help you by providing a tailored plan of tuition that suits your needs, while being fun, entertaining, and hugely rewarding at the same time.

AED 250 | Per Month | 8 Hours

Digital Piano

Learning to play the Piano is largely a process of committing skills to instinct, of developing the necessary motor skills or what is sometimes known as "finger memory". And only way to achieve this by practicing - repeating the same thing over and over until it becomes automatic! Kalabhavan offers two courses for Piano – certified and non-certified. Trinity College London is an international examinations board. Trinity music examinations are held regularly for Theory and Practical for all instruments and voice across nine levels from Initial to Grade 8. 

AED 300 | Per Month | 8 Hours

Theory of Music

Theoretical knowledge is vital component in the development of musicians. This helps to develop composition, music analysis and clarity accuracy in writing musical notations 

AED 200 | Per Month | 8 Hours

Western Vocal

Training an individual and choral singing with vocal exercise. Our singing syllabus offers the choice and flexibility to allow candidates to play to their strength, enabling them to gain recognition for their own unique skills as performers 

AED 250 | Per Month | 8 Hours

Classical Dance (Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudi)

Bharata Natyam is an Indian classical dance form, which takes its origin at Tamilnadu. This dance form denotes various 19th and 20th century reconstructions of Sadir, the art of temple dancers called Devadasis.Mohiniyattam is also a classical dance form, which is believed to be originated in 16th century. It is considered a very graceful form of dance meant to be performed as solo recitals by women. Folk Dance is extremely simple with minimum of steps or movement. The dances burst with verve and vitality. This can be performed as a solo one, group dance or as a mixed one of men and women

AED 200 | Per Month | 8 Hours

Folk Dance

Folk dance is a term broadly used to describe all forms of folk and tribal dances in regions across India. While Indian classical dance is considered a higher form of art and was practiced in courts, temples and on special occasions, folk dance forms are practiced in groups in rural areas as an expression of their daily work and rituals. They are performed on religious , seasonal festivals or entertainment. Some of the popular folk dances that are performed across villages and cities are Bhangra, Garba, Kalbelia

AED 250 | Per Month | 8 Hours

Carnatic Vocal

It is an ancient form of Classical Music associated with South India.Our dedicated faculty will teach with appropriate Sruti, Laya, Bhavam, Swaram, and Gamakam, to the learners. Both vocal and instrumental classes are held for the students.The curriculumn includes Junior, Senior and proficiency level Violin and Vocal music lessons

AED 200 | Per Month | 8 Hours

Bollywood Dance

Our Dance training classes are provided by trained and qualified dancers. These professionals are aware with various methodologies and techniques of dances that enable us to provide fruitful dance learning. They provide easy and simple learn techniques so that students can grasp the maximum dance steps. Our offered dance classes are highly demanded by students due to their ease of dance learning

AED 200 | Per Month | 8 Hours

Drawing & Painting

We offers drawing classes and workshops for beginning to advanced students. Basic drawing students work with pencil and charcoal, learning to use line, value, gesture, and perspective. Students work with a variety of subjects, including the figure, still life, and landscape. There are nine different sections offered. More advanced students learn to integrate other media into their work, including pen, ink, and watercolor, and begin to focus on more complex and advanced techniques. Courses are offered year-round, during the week, weekend, day and evening.

AED 200 | Per Month | 8 Hours



Saxophone courses taught by experienced Saxophonists are the perfect resources to start your saxophone learning journey. These handpicked courses teach you the saxophone essentials for you to become a pro saxophonist with proper practice. These courses will help you to learn constructing chords according to the minor and major scales, and the 12-bar blues on the harmonica. Eventually, you will learn to play your first melody. 

AED 300 | Per Month | 8 Hours