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Privacy Policy

The information we collects from its users as well as from any other source that users enable us to gather information from. The information that the user voluntarily gives includes names, photos, pins, likes, email address, and/or phone number etc., all of which is regarded as personal information.

The primary reason that we collect information from you is to provide you with the Services that you request and to enhance your experience at our Sites. We also use the information we collect to make sure that our Sites and Services provide you with the resources you need and to improve the products and services we offer. 

We may use your personal data as follows, depending on whether you are a general user of our Sites or Services, or a Customer:

  • To operate, maintain, and improve our Sites and Services.

  • To fulfill the requirements and activities specified in the Customer’s Master Services Agreement and related Order Forms and Statements of Work .

  • To administer Customer systems, test systems, and develop and implement changes.

    • Any temporary copies of Customer data created as a necessary part of this process are only maintained for time periods relevant to those purposes.

    • We may access and/or use a copy of the Customer’s test, development, or production environment, including Customer data, to test such new configurations, versions, patches, updates, and fixes, and to validate that they work to required specifications.

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