Trninty College of London

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the Music Examination Program of Trinity College London, both the international examinations for Classical and Rock & POP.

Graded exams can give students the only real milestone of their own progress. Trinity examiners do the assessments four times every year at our school and provide Trinity College London certificates span performing, teaching, theory of music and composing.

Whatever your musical tastes, Trinity College London has the music qualifications for you.

Every year Trinity College London supports the music education of thousands of students with assessments across a wide spectrum including popular, jazz, contemporary and classical music. 

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Trinity College London graded examinations and diplomas span performing, teaching, theory of music and composing, all of which are fully accredited by the relevant UK regulatory bodies

Trinity philosophy

The candidate is at the heart of our focus. That’s why we offer insightful assessments for everyone, from beginners right up to diplomas for the most advanced candidates. 

All Trinity College London examiners are professional musicians, and they take special care to make candidates feel relaxed in the examination room, creating a positive environment for you to demonstrate your talents to your full potential.


Trinity College London Grade examinations allow students to play to their strengths; while there is a basic structure of repertoire, supporting tests and technical work, the structure is flexible and designed to reflect real musical understanding.


With flexibility in choice of repertoire, Certificate exams offer performance-based assessment, with supporting tests or technical work. They develop programme planning skills plus solid performance preparation for those wishing to progress to diploma level.


Trinity music exams are officially recognised by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) and by education authorities worldwide.

Trinity Toppers at Kalabhavan UAE
MARCH 2017

Ayush Terrence Santhosh

Drums- Initial ( 90%)

Jerome George
Drums Initial (80%)
Len Louis Lal
Drums Initial (68%)
Kareena Abraham Dominic
Drums Initial (87%)
Ponsuganth M
Key Board Grade 4 (84%)
Brite Siby Oommen
Key Board Initial (93%)
Anagh Shaji
Violin Grade 1 (87%)
Nanda Nair
Key Board Initial (87 %)
Key Board Grade 2 (70%)
Rudraksh Kapil
Drums Grade-4  (75%)
Akio Zyan E. Gabasan
Violin Initial (82%)
Allan Abraham Anil
Keyboard initial  (94%)
Ganesh Jayan
Keyboard Initial (83%)
MAY/ JUNE 2016
Aangh Shaji
Violin Initial (98%)
Om Girish Kant Gupta
Key Board Grade 1 (88%)
Laura Rebecca
Keyboard initial  (80%)
Ahul Sajeev
Keyboard Grade 3 (75%)
Ponsuganth Muthuraman
Violin Initial (98%)
Theertha Santhosh
Violin Initial (98%)
Key Board Grade 1 (88%)
Amaya Atek
Key Board Grade 1 (88%)
Keyboard initial  (80%)
Ahul Sajeev
Keyboard initial  (80%)
Adithya Baiju
Keyboard Grade 3 (75%)
Om Girish Kant Gupta
Keyboard Initial 75%)