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The most auspicious occasion in the year to begin classes for music, dance and other folk arts. Vidyarambham is a part of the Navaratri festival as it is done on the tenth day of Navaratri, also called Vijayadashami. It is followed in South India. While the rituals may have slight variations in terms of the place and state, the essence is the same.

15th October 2021

This year Vidyarambam will be on 15th October.

We have arranged "Chilenka Kettu" for all new admissions for classical dance students.

New enrolments for  music, classical and cinematic  dances, music instruments can be registered on the same day. Chilenkas are available only to the pre-booked students

Admission  for new batches :

Carnatic Vocal  | Western Vocal  | Bollywood Dance

Hip Hop | Acoustic Guitar | Electronic Keyboard

Piano | Western Violin | Acoustic Drums | Electric Guitar Classical Guitar| Bharatanatyam | Mohiniyattam

Drawing & Colouring | Drawing & Painting

Registration Time :
Timing - 8:00 am to 08:00 pm
Venue: Kalabhavan Sharjah

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